Space to Breathe

I attended which Kerry gave a talk at about clearing out your wardrobe and having a capsule wardrobe of 30 pieces. I thought it all sounded great but no way could I live with just 30 items. I also knew that I could benefit from Kerry’s expertise to help with two bulging wardrobes but to be honest couldn’t imagine living with so little.

Kerry got to work straight away and got all my clothes down into the lounge in one pile, we started sorting through them piece by piece. Charity, bin, sell, keep! Then the keep pile was split into weekend/work/party. It was hard going, my emotions were up and down as I recalled stories happy and sad about each garment! Kerry has a way of emotionally detaching you from each piece that no longer serves you and just takes up space in your wardrobe and ultimately your head.

 After an hour an half I thought we were done and each pile was complete, but Kerry didn’t finish there. She moved away the piles to go and spread out my keep piles, she started putting outfit together and showing me how many different combinations I had in my 30 pieces. She also wrote a list of a few items I could do with adding to. But she explained if I buy new clothes its on a 1 in and 1 out basis. There were 4 bin bags of clothes, 1 to sell, that depressed me as I work full time, I’m a single mum and the thought of spending hours putting it on Ebay filled me with dread. She sensed this and offered to take the whole lot away that night and take it to a charity of my choice… I felt good that a charity shop somewhere was getting high end clothes (some with tags on). 

Kerry gets stuck in and works at pace so you get full use of her expertise and advice through the session. That weekend I was able to dismantle the old horrid wardrobe that had taken up so much space in my bedroom as all my clothes now fit in the single built in wardrobe. And there is space! I’ve left the review this long as I wanted to see how I would feel and cope with my new wardrobe. In the 3 weeks since it was done I haven’t missed 1 item, I haven’t been tempted to replace anything with new stuff and getting ready in the morning is so easy and satisfying.

The space in my bedroom has given me breathing room and I’ve started to clean out other areas of my house and life in general. Kerry’s services give you more than just the hours with her, they give you the freedom in your mind back and the space to live how you should be living, its liberating, cleansing and worth facing the emotional barriers.



‘I now have a home I love….’

For years I had lived in a stressful mess and as we had just moved I decided enough was enough. It is a job I could do by myself but knew I wouldn’t and that I needed help and, well, a kick up the behind. So I contacted Kerry and am so glad I did. She is very easy to get on with and work with. She is business like yet friendly and caring. Kerry gets things done efficiently and helps you to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in a kind manner. At the end of the day it is personal decision whether or not to get rid of something but it feels great when you do. Kerry helped me sort, tidy and bag stuff up for charity or bin. She is also resourceful and helps you to make the most of the space you have and the storage you have. The time flies when working with her as you just get on with it. It didn’t feel like a chore at all to me which is quite something coming from someone who believes housework is a waste of time! I now have a home I love for the first time in, well, ever! My boys adore the space that they now have and for the first time ever I have a bedroom I like, not just a space for dumping clutter. When my boys came home from school, one actually exclaimed “You must be magic!” which says it all. Thank you Kerry for everything.



Life Changing

We asked Kerry to come and work with us as we have had lots of change in our lives in the last few years, moving home, changes jobs and a family bereavement and we were feeling very cramped at home – there was just not enough space at home to do anything.

We were constantly tidying up and feeling swamped. Kerry made us feel so at ease, and made the process nowhere near as stressful or difficult as it would have been on our own. And the difference to our home now is unbelievable, we know where everything is, we have space to move and to work and we just seem to get so much more done and I am even sleeping better!
I’d recommend this service to anyone who needs some support with their belongings. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve that much in such a short time on our own. Thank you!

James & Keri

Nr Swanage

Decluttering Support

‘Kerry came to our house which we’d been living in for 33 years. Our family has flown the nest, rather empty handed, and the hoarding and clutter in every corner was like a permanent feature. Gently but firmly Kerry worked through little sections at a time, making sensible suggestions and persuading me against keeping things ‘in case they came in useful’ 🙂 Sometimes my eyes welled up when we stumbled across a treasure bringing back memories of times long gone. Kerry was brilliant at recognising part of my history and suggesting ways of finding a special space for these, or encouraging me to let go if that was what we agreed.

The experience was one of fun, of challenge and relief at last to have space not only in our house but in my head. I feel uplifted, comfortable and free.’


East Dorset

Wardrobe Detox

‘I wanted to clear some clutter at home and had made a good start on excess paperwork. However, it was more difficult when it came to clothes in the wardrobes because of the people and events I associated with them. Kerry supported me over three sessions and her pleasant manner, sense of humour and motivational skills made these enjoyable and constructive meetings. She helped me to think through what was needed, break down the tasks into manageable chunks, and offered simple tips to reorganise my wardrobes. I recommend Kerry and Make A Space without reservation.’