Have your requirements from your living space changed?

Do you need some help making your space work for your needs?

Would you like to feel that you have more time to do the things you love?

If the answer to any of these is YES then I can help!


To make life easy you can purchase your sessions here, please hit the contact me button to have a chat about what you need and want to achieve.

Wardrobe Detox (approx. 2 hours for a standard wardrobe)


Do you dread opening your wardrobe in the morning? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but can never find anything to wear? This 2 hour session will change all that!

Working with you we will look at your current needs from your wardrobe and help you to create a collection of clothes that work together and that make you feel great and takes away the stresses of deciding what to wear.

Clear the Clutter


Do you need more than just a wardrobe cleared? A longer session will suit your needs. Each clients needs will be unique and therefore the time it will take will depend on the size and condition of the space. During our free consultation we can discuss your requirements and I can advise on the length of time I would expect the job to take.


Transformational Coaching (6 x 90m sessions)


As a CPCAB qualified life coach 1:1 Coaching session can help you rapidly accelerate towards achieving your goals (or even work out what you want your goals to be). These are 90-minute sessions. With motivational contact between session to help you to maintain focus.

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Wardrobe and style confidence (2.5hr)


Do you dread opening your wardrobe doors in the morning? Would you like to get dressed in 10 minutes in the morning and always look fabulous? This short session will help you to find your own style and confidence, by reducing the amount of clothing we have we can save time and money, be less stressed and look amazing!

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Life changing Decluttering


Do you have difficulty letting go of things? Are you running out of room and spending all your time looking after your things and never having time to move forward? These decluttering sessions are where the magic happens.

Decluttering with Make a Space is not just about tidying up, it is about changing the way we live, changing our mind set and our relationship to our belonging to more towards the life we want to live.


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1 x 3 hr session, Block of 5 (3hr) sessions


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Selling and Moving Home – Moving house can be one of the most stressful life events that we go through for many different reasons. I can support you with parts or all of this process depending on your needs.

Presenting your home to sell – Your home is a very valuable asset and homes that are well presented sell more quickly and usually for more money.

I can help you begin to sort, pack and store belongings that you don’t use regularly and help you to look at your home from a potential buyers perspective to present your home for viewings.

Packing and/ or Unpacking Once you have sold your home I can help through the potentially stressful process of packing and unpacking in your new home.

So may people tell me that they still have boxes that have not yet been unpack from when they moved years ago! During the packing process we will go through and ensure that you do not take anything you do not want or need to your new home, and to support you in transitioning into your new home with ease.