I have always had a passion for making the most of what is available, from constantly rearranging my bedroom as a teenager, and some very patient parents who would let me loose on decorating and rearranging the rest of our home through various jobs which gave me experience of managing projects and events and implanting streamline systems in homes and offices and even weddings!

Since qualifying as life coach I found more and more that the people I worked with were effected by their home environment and this let me to start ‘Make a Space’. My focus is on supporting clients during various life changing events that effect their living space. From having a baby, preparing to sell your home and moving, making space for growing children or just dealing with the accumulation of belongings over a lifetime.

My aim is to support you to make space in your life both physically and emotionally. To make your living space work for you now and to make space for what you want in the future. By productively and effectively organising areas of your home with you that have been overwhelming or that you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with by using effective coaching techniques to help manage any attachment to belongings that you no longer need, use or want.

I am a member of the association of professional declutters and organisers (http://www.apdo-uk.co.uk/) and adhere to their code of ethics, I have professional insurance and a full DBS check available on request)